Employment law changes 2016

Changes came into effect on 1 April 2016 for parental leave, hours of work, record keeping, and stronger enforcement powers.

  • More parental leave, with more flexibility for more people
  • More certainty and fairness in employment
  • More power to enforce minimum rights

It all adds up to a productive and fair workplace.

This information provides information to help business people – employers and employees – get up to speed quickly with changes in the law and ensure they comply with all the requirements.

Parental leave law changes 2016

Find out about the changes to parental leave that came into effect on 1 April 2016.

Hours of work law changes 2016

Employees must now have guaranteed hours and reasonable compensation for availability (removal of zero hour contracts).

Record keeping law changes 2016

Requirements for employers to keep a record of each employee's hours worked and pay for these hours, in a form that employees and Labour Inspectors can access.

Enforcement law changes 2016

Tougher sanctions for employers and businesses that don’t comply with the new standards.

Information for Employees on 2016 law changes

Changes to employment laws from April this year aim to ensure New Zealand workplaces are productive and fair.

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