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Do you need talented workers for seasonal work this summer?

Tertiary students can be a great source of employees for your businesses

Employment New Zealand and Student Job Search are producing a series of articles together. We aim to increase your awareness of student employees and your employment rights and responsibilities. 

About Student Job Search 

Student Job Search (external link) (SJS) is a student job site which helps employers access a talent pool of more than 400,000 talented New Zealand tertiary students. As the summer and Christmas rush looms, we are encouraging you to make the most of SJS’ job seekers, by using their recruitment platform. The service is free of charge, so won’t cost you any recruitment fees. 

Your business will benefit from the innovation, skills and knowledge students will bring to your workplace. Not only will you be gaining a driven, energetic and dedicated team member, you’ll also be giving back to your community by providing a student with experience that will prepare them for their future. You can help them to grow and thrive while they help your business do the same. 

Any employer can use this service. Student Job Search’ business customers range from small to large businesses to charities and householders. They help tertiary students and those who have just graduated to find one off, part time and permanent positions. But for this to happen, you need to contact student Job Search (external link)  

SJS is a not-for-profit organisation funded by the New Zealand Government and owned by 18 members (student associations from universities and polytechnics across the country). 

SJS has lots of students with the skills and the right attitude ready to work with you. 

(external link) Register now or call 0800 757 562. 

Remember your employment rights and responsibilities 

When you are employing a student you still have to comply with your legal employment rights and responsibilities. This will help you get things right and get a more productive workplace.

Employment New Zealand has many online resources and tools to help you and your business, including: