Easier applications for paid parental leave

There is a simpler application process for new parents and primary carers to apply for paid parental leave.

Applications for parental leave payments can now be done online, and for most parents, eligibility will be automatically determined by the tax records the Inland Revenue holds. There is no longer the need for workers and employers to calculate and verify earnings in order to determine eligibility and payments. It also means no more printing, scanning and posting paper forms. 

Paid parental leave supports parents to take time away from work, to care for and bond with their new child. A person may be able to get parental leave payments even if they don’t qualify for parental leave from their employment. Parental leave payments are administered by the Inland Revenue. 

Starting or growing a family is a major life milestone that can come with unique experiences and challenges. This is a small but important change that gives parents one less thing to worry about. 

The Inland Revenue website has more information on how to apply for paid parental leave. The application process also connects with SmartStart, the Government’s single and comprehensive online platform for services associated with the birth of a child. 

Paid parental leave – Inland Revenue (external link)

SmartStart (external link)