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New tools designed to make life easier for employers and employees

Two new online tools have just been launched, designed to make life easier for employers and employees.

The first is a tool to help New Zealand retailers determine whether or not they’re allowed to trade on restricted shop trading days. There are three and a half days when almost all shops must be closed under the Shop Trading Hours Act 1990 – Christmas Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and half of Anzac Day. The tool takes users through a set of criteria in order to work out whether they are legally allowed to trade. At the same time users can find out the new rules giving shop employees the right not to work on Easter Sunday.

Check out the restricted shop trading tool.

The second tool is for expectant parents and employers, designed to help them navigate their way through the eligibility criteria for parental leave. The tool is based on a checklist to work out their entitlements.

Check out the parental leave and payment eligibility tool.

If you have any questions or feedback about the new tools, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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