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Online Employment Learning Modules for employers and employees

New Employment Learning Modules have just been launched. They are a valuable resource for both employees and employers to learn about your employment rights and obligations.

Coffee cup: If I get sick while I’m on holiday next week, I can ask the boss to replace my annual leave with sick leave.

Lamington: So you gonna chill out then?

Coffee cup: What’s so funny?!?!?!

Sandwich: Get the info about employment rights and responsiblities here on

The modules have been developed for both employees and employers covering these topics:

  • Working arrangements
  • Employment agreements
  • Annual leave
  • Other leave
  • Pay and wages
  • Hours of work

The modules are available to you free of charge and provide learning that’s interactive and engaging.

Handy features include your own dashboard, fact sheets and certificates of completion.

Try them today. Everyone is welcome to use the modules, which can be accessed directly from (external link) .