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SmartStart: The best start for parents and babies

The eagerly anticipated online tool for new and expectant parents is now available. Now there’s one place to go for step-by-step information to help you and your baby get off to the best start.

SmartStart provides users with integrated information about services provided by a range of agencies and NGOs. Parents can register their baby, get an IRD number for their child, adjust their Ministry of Social Development benefits and update their Working for Families application all in one place – no more filling in multiple forms.

SmartStart also creates a personalised timeline and checklist of things to do based on due date, so it’s easy to keep track of progress and see what to do before and after baby arrives. It helps parents check that they’re not missing out on financial help and provides tips on keeping parents and baby healthy and safe, as well as contact details for organisations which can help.

Having all of this useful information in one place saves time and effort, and the best part? SmartStart is accessible on any device – smartphone, tablet or computer.

Check out SmartStart (external link) now and see all the really helpful resources there.

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