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01 October 2020

International Day of Older Persons

Today is International Day of Older Persons, so it’s a good time to remember that while many people leave the workforce at the age of 65 or before, some continue to work after the age of 65.

29 September 2020

Auckland restaurant to pay nearly $50,000 for exploiting migrant worker

An Auckland restaurant and its owners have been ordered by the Employment Relations Authority (ERA) to pay nearly $50,000 in penalties and unpaid wage arrears to a migrant worker.

09 September 2020

Have your say – bullying and harassment at work

MBIE is releasing an Issues Paper on bullying and harassment (including sexual harassment) at work in New Zealand.

09 September 2020

Early return to work while on parental leave

During uncertain times, employees who are on parental leave may face financial difficulty and want to return to work earlier than planned.

09 September 2020

Hiring friends or family can be costly

Hiring friends or family can result in a successful employment relationship for some. However, sometimes a close relationship can become strained due to the employer-employee relationship.

28 July 2020

Law change supports female-dominated industries

Parliament has passed the Equal Pay Amendment Bill, which lays out a new process to raise and consider claims of systemic sex-based pay discrimination across female-dominated industries.

28 July 2020

Tackling temporary migrant worker exploitation

A $50 million government investment over the next four years will address temporary migrant worker exploitation in the New Zealand workplace.

23 July 2020

Making staff redundant? It’s in your interest to follow a proper process

The COVID-19 situation continues to be stressful and challenging for many businesses.

14 July 2020

Employers warned against illegal pay cuts

The Labour Inspectorate reminds employers of the need to follow legal procedures when making changes to workers’ pay or other agreed terms and conditions.

06 July 2020

Applications for COVID-19 Workers and Workplaces Assistance Fund now open

Employment New Zealand invites business organisations, unions and community providers to register their interest in the COVID-19 Workers and Workplaces Assistance Fund.