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Restrictions: OK
Jurisdiction: Employment Relations Authority - Christchurch
Reference No.: CA 7/06
Judgment Date: 26 January 2006
Statutory Officer: J Wilson
Representation: F Wall ; S McClelland
Location: Christchurch
Parties: Rawlings v Sanco NZ Ltd
Summary: COSTS - Unsuccessful personal grievance and dispute - Applicant did not appear at investigation meeting so it was very brief - Respondent sought contribution of $1,000 towards costs of $1,300 - Applicant wrote to respondent opposing any order of costs - First ground of opposition was that respondent had made costs submission outside of time frame - Not correct as respondent was granted an extension of time - Second ground of opposition was that applicant had filed appeal against Authority determination - Well established practice that where costs requested, Authority will determine question even if challenge filed - Applicant should have expected to make contribution to respondent's costs - Respondent's suggestion of contribution seemed reasonable
Result: Costs in favour of respondent ($1,000)
Cases Cited: PBO Ltd (formerly Rush Security Ltd) v Da Cruz [2005] 1 ERNZ 808
Number of Pages: 4
PDF File Link: ca 7_06.pdf [pdf 20 KB]