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COVID-19 Workers and Workplaces Assistance Fund

$2.38 million has been awarded through a contestable fund to enable business services, unions and community providers to support workers and workplaces in response to COVID-19.

Last updated: 3 November 2020

The fund aims to help to:

  • Provide support for workers and workplaces in their response to and recovery from COVID-19
  • Enhance the capability of business organisations, unions, and community providers to support workers (including contractors) and workplaces, to manage and minimise employment impacts and improve their position for recovery following COVID-19
  • Recognise and provide support to Māori and Pasifika workers, businesses and community services, as well as vulnerable groups, such as migrant workers and their representatives.

Successful applicants

The funding has been allocated to support as follows: 

  • $1,056,320 awarded to eight businesses.
  • $412,260 awarded to six community groups and charities.
  • $909,320 awarded to five unions.

Information about 19 successful applicants and initiatives [PDF 76KB]

Assessment of applications

Proposals have been reviewed against assessment criteria and decided on by an assessment panel, agreed by the Minister, with representatives from government, unions, business and community groups.


Funding will commence later this month. Applicants will be expected to report on their progress every three months, with the last report no later than July 2021.

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Page last revised: 04 November 2020

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