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Labour Inspectorate

The Labour Inspectorate enforces and monitors minimum employment standards such as the minimum wage, holidays and leave entitlements.

The Labour Inspectorate is a regulator that consists of Labour Inspectors and the Labour Standards Early Resolution team. Our work supports the MBIE vision to ‘Grow NZ for all’ by promoting fair competition between businesses and detecting and combatting anti-competitive practices that rely on the exploitation of workers.

The Inspectorate ensures compliance with employment standards by identifying and investigating breaches and taking enforcement action. It also works with industry and sector leadership and other key parties to strengthen the systems that underpin employment standards compliance. We also provide informal early resolution assistance of one-off breaches of employment standards.

Labour Inspectors

Labour Inspectors make sure that workplaces meet at least the minimum standards and requirements of employment law.

Labour Standards Early Resolution Team / Labour Standards Officers

The LSERT determines which employment matters are more appropriate for higher level investigation by Labour Inspectors or lower level guided self-resolution by Labour Standards Officers.

Addressing Holidays Act non-compliance

The Labour Inspectorate supports employers to comply with the Holidays Act through government-industry work streams, audits and investigations, and education and information.

Page last revised: 22 May 2018

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