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  • Requirement for medical examination

    In some situations, employees may be required to have a medical examination or be suspended from the workplace.

  • NZ Medical Laboratory Workers/APEX

    Association of Professional and Executive Employees.

  • Medical incapacity

    If an employee’s illness or injury means they can’t do their job anymore, the employer can consider dismissing the employee based on incapacity, or offering medical retirement.

  • Reasonable accommodation (measures)

    Making reasonable accommodation helps organisations to confidently recruit, retain and support disabled people.

  • Medical incapacity: Deciding to end the employment relationship

    In these situations employees are often feeling vulnerable and stressed, worried about not being able to do their job, placing stress on other staff and concerned about what will happen to them financially if they lose their job.

  • News: NZ ratifies

    The Convention sets internationally agreed minimum standards to address the health, safety and welfare of seafarers in areas such as the provision of medical care, health and safety protection, accommodation facilities, food and water, repatriation, and conditions of employment.

  • Transgender employees

    The Human Rights Commission Inquiry into Discrimination Experienced by Transgender People in 2008, confirmed that trans people face significant discrimination in day to day life.

  • Medical exams

    An employer cannot force an employee to have a medical examination. However, if an employer has good reason to believe that an employee is impaired (unwell or harmed) for any reason (whether from exposure to workplace hazards or other causes) then an employer may suspend an employee, subject to the...

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