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  • Previous rates

    Minimum wage rates from 2007-2017.

  • Current rates

    Minimum wage rates are set by the government and are reviewed each year.

  • Position statement

    The link between wage deductions and the minimum wage in the agricultural industry.

  • Types

    There are three different types of minimum wage rates: adult, starting-out and training.

  • Disability exemptions

    Labour Inspectors may issue minimum wage exemption permits to employees who have a disability that limits them carrying out the requirements of their work.

  • The minimum wage applies

    The minimum wage applies to all hours worked. There is no minimum hours requirement. For example, an employee who works only 2 hours at a time must still get the minimum wage for each of these hours, unless the employee and employer have agreed to a higher rate in the...

  • Minimum wage

    Minimum wage rates apply to all employees aged 16 and over, who are full-time, part-time, fixed-term, casual, working from home, and paid by wages, salary, commission or piece rates (some exceptions).

  • News: Minimum wage

    The current adult minimum wage rate is $14.75 an hour.

  • Minimum wage to increase by 50 cents to $15.75

    The starting-out and training minimum wage rates will increase from $12.20 to $12.60 per hour – remaining at 80 per cent of the adult minimum wage.

  • Minimum wage to rise to $15.25

    The Government announced today the adult minimum wage will go up by 50 cents to $15.25 an hour on 1 April 2016.