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From 23 December 2023, 90-day trial periods are available for all employers. For more information, visit: 90-day trial periods extended to include all employers This site will be updated.

New Zealand Tertiary Education Union

Level One: Effective Delegates. Course No: 708

Contact: Megan Morris 021 290 0385

The aim of this course is to assist new delegates in understanding their role, and provide the opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge to be effective delegates in their workplace.

By the end of this one day course, participants will be able to:

  • identify and discuss how the political and legal environment impacts on the workplace
  • identify and demonstrate the use of union structures when progressing issues
  • discuss their role as a delegate and the links with membership
  • demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to help build the union’s strength.

Approved for a period of three years from 23 December 2021.

This course is also approved for use by NZCTU and affiliated Unions.

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Page last revised: 01 February 2022

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