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NZ Airline Pilots’ Association Industrial Union of Workers (Incorporated)

Collective Agreement Negotiations under the Employment Relations Act – A Seminar for NZALPA Negotiators: Course No 586

Contact: Adam Nicholson (09) 255 1500

This three-day seminar aims to provide participants with:

  • an understanding of the legal framework for negotiations under the ERA, including the obligations and implications of the provisions for Good Faith in bargaining
  • an awareness and understanding of other employment related legislation
  • a working understanding of the negotiation process and its dynamics, including the responsibilities involved in dealings with the organisation’s membership and the employer
  • an ability to recognise what is happening during any negotiation
  • recognition of the importance of the ongoing, post-settlement, relationship between the Union, the membership and the employer.

First approved: 17 January 2011

Subsequent approval: 8 April 2014

Interest Based Problem Solving and Negotiation Training: Course No 718

Contact: Adam Nicholson (09) 255 1500

The aim of the programme is to educate members and staff within the Association to:

  • understand and use the interest based approach to negotiation and problem solving
  • understand and use the techniques and principles involved in this approach
  • recognise the advantages of an interest based approach to negotiations and problem solving in fostering improved relations between the Association and the employers with whom it deals
  • recognise the advantages of an interest based approach to negotiations and problem solving in better meeting the obligations of good faith contained in the Employment Relations Act 2000
  • relate to employers and others with whom we deal in a manner which is both principled and interest based to maximise all possible benefits for the members represented.

The Target Group for the programme is staff and members of the Association who take representative positions as negotiators or delegates.

Approved until 3 September 2026.

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