NZ Meat Workers Union

Workplace Problem Solving: Course No 700

Contact: Graham Cooke (03) 366 5105

This is a one-day course for elected workplace delegates that aims to build their problem solving skills and knowledge, particularly as this relates to handling personal grievance and disputes situations.

The workshop’s learning aims are consistent with the object of the Employment Relations Act 2000 in building more productive workplace relations between the employer, their workers and their Union by:

  • learning the importance of promoting of mutual trust and confidence in all aspects of the employment environment and of the employment relationship;
  • recognising that union delegates can play a key role in enhancing good faith in the workplace and preventing the erosion of conditions that foster highly productive relations at work; and
  • recognising that effective delegates are good problem-solvers who can contribute positively to processes, behaviours and communications that build mutual trust and confidence in the workplace.

Course approved for a period of 3 years from 23 September 2019.

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