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Professional Verifiers Institute New Zealand (PVI)

Advanced Delegate Development: Course No 730

Contact: Brendan Vale 027 234 1769

This is a two-day course aimed at developing delegates’ and people leaders’ understanding of the union and roles within it, as well as ensuring that they are effective in their roles by improving their application of the Employment Relations Act 2000.

The programme builds on participants skills and knowledge in the following areas:

  • the professional approach termed “collaborative influence”
  • advising and supporting new or potential members as well as developing a functioning general network of members
  • the legal context in which they operate
  • representing members appropriately at meetings and communicate well with all parties
  • the delegate role and that of others in the organisation and union
  • the history of how remuneration is set (Hay system)
  • dealing impartially with poor performance
  • sharing understandings with managers and HR around natural justice, the ERA and organisations’ processes.

Course approved for a period of 3 years from 13 December 2020.

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Page last revised: 18 December 2020

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