Fair Pay Agreements

The Fair Pay Agreements system brings together unions and employer associations to bargain for minimum employment terms for all covered employees in an industry or occupation.

Fair Pay Agreements dashboard

The dashboard on the MBIE website gives you the latest information on where proposed Fair Pay Agreements are in the process.

Fair Pay Agreements dashboard – MBIE website (external link)

Fair Pay Agreements guide

Detailed information for bargaining parties can be found in the guide below.

The Fair Pay Agreements System: A Guide for Participants [PDF 2.1MB]

Policy documents and process

Fair Pay Agreements – MBIE website (external link)

Overview of Fair Pay Agreements

Learn about how the Fair Pay Agreement system works, the roles in the system and what it means when an agreement is in place.

Quick guides – Understanding Fair Pay Agreements

Information for employees and employers about their rights and obligations under the Fair Pay Agreement law is available as an information sheet in different languages.

Your rights as an employee in the Fair Pay Agreement system

Learn about your rights as an employee, how to take part in the Fair Pay Agreements process and what it means once an agreement is in force.

Employer responsibilities and rights in the Fair Pay Agreement process

Learn about your rights and responsibilities under the Fair Pay Agreements law and how to take part in the process as an employer.

Your privacy – information we collect during the Fair Pay Agreement process

This privacy statement applies to the collection, security and use of personal information we collect under the Fair Pay Agreements Act 2022.

Page last revised: 01 December 2022

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