Information for bargaining parties

Eligible unions bargain for a Fair Pay Agreement on behalf of covered employees. They also start the Fair Pay Agreement process. Eligible employer associations bargain on behalf of covered employers.

Fair Pay Agreements dashboard

The dashboard on the MBIE website gives you the latest information on where proposed Fair Pay Agreements are in the process.

Fair Pay Agreements dashboard – MBIE website (external link)

Fair Pay Agreements guide

Detailed information for bargaining parties can be found in the guide below.

The Fair Pay Agreements System: A Guide for Participants [PDF 2.1MB]

Apply for a Fair Pay Agreement

An eligible union must complete the application form and supply all the information and evidence requested in the form.

Application to initiate bargaining for a proposed Fair Pay Agreement [PDF 379KB]

Forms for the Fair Pay Agreements process

Find the forms needed for the Fair Pay Agreements process on this page. More forms to be published soon.

Initiating bargaining for a Fair Pay Agreement – information for unions

Eligible unions can apply to start bargaining for a new Fair Pay Agreement. Find out what information you will need to support your application.

Becoming a bargaining party and establishing the bargaining sides

Other eligible unions can also apply to be an employee bargaining party. Eligible employer associations can apply to be an employer bargaining party.

Content for a Fair Pay Agreement

Find out what employment terms Fair Pay Agreements must cover and what other terms must be discussed during the process.

Duties for each bargaining side during bargaining

Bargaining sides have a number of specific duties in the process, many of which are aligned with a duty of good faith.

Employee bargaining side – specific requirements

The employee bargaining side has specific requirements when meeting with employees in workplaces and using contact details.

Support during bargaining

MBIE offers a range of services to support bargaining participants during bargaining.

Finalising a proposed Fair Pay Agreement

A Fair Pay Agreement must be checked, have a majority vote in favour of, and be assessed for overlap with other agreements before it becomes law.

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