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Tools and Resources

Public holidays flowchart - PDF 219KB

Work out an employee's entitlements for a public holiday.

Quick guide to employment mediation - PDF 1.1MB

28 June 2018

What to expect from mediation.

Raising a personal grievance sample letter - DOC 27KB

04 July 2016

Use this example to help raise a personal grievance with an employer.

Record keeping factsheet - PDF 731KB

01 April 2016

Clearer record keeping requirements.

Record of settlement template - DOC 65KB

Use this template to draw up a Record of Settlement that you can submit to Employment Mediation Services.

Request for flexible working arrangements and checklist

Covers what you must do and a list of things to consider in your request for flexible working arrangements form.

Requesting employment mediation online user guide - PDF 588KB

12 June 2017

Step-by-step user guide for requesting employment mediation online.

Resignation letter template - DOCX 19KB

24 May 2018

You can download and edit this letter to give your notice in writing.

Restricted shop trading days

Find out more about restricted shop trading days and the exemptions and exceptions for opening a shop on a restricted shop trading day.

Rights and Responsibilities

An overview of some of the minimum rights and responsibilities of employers and employees.