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Tools and Resources

Request for flexible working arrangements and checklist

Covers what you must do and a list of things to consider in your request for flexible working arrangements form.

Requesting employment mediation online user guide - PDF 588KB

12 June 2017

Step-by-step user guide for requesting employment mediation online.

Resignation letter template - DOCX 19KB

24 May 2018

You can download and edit this letter to give your notice in writing.

Restricted shop trading days

Find out more about restricted shop trading days and the exemptions and exceptions for opening a shop on a restricted shop trading day.

Rights for employees affected by domestic violence - PDF 1.1MB

The Domestic Violence – Victims’ Protection Act gives people affected by domestic violence more legal protections at work

Risk factors for procurers to manage - PDF 225KB

02 July 2020

Ensuring ethical and sustainable work practices in supply chains.

Roster template - DOC 90KB

Word document template to help you prepare yours

Sample appointment letters

Adapt our sample appointment letters to suit the needs of your business and employees.

Sample letter - final warning - DOCX 33KB

21 June 2017

Sample final warning letter to employee.

Sample letter - invitation to attend disciplinary meeting about potential misconduct - DOCX 22KB

21 June 2017

Sample letter inviting an employee to attend disciplinary meeting about potential misconduct.