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Tools and Resources

Video: Parental leave – what you need to know

Watch a 5-minute overview that outlines parental leave, eligibility, surrogacy, and payments.

Wages and time record - PDF 138KB

29 June 2016

Use this template to set up records for wages and time.

Walking the talk case study - PDF 1.3MB

01 August 2007

Summary of the former Department of Labour's pay and employment equity review case study.

Working for accommodation - Frequently asked questions - PDF 476KB

Answers to common questions about working for accommodation.

ASG v Hayne, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Otago [2016] NZCA 203

Court of Appeal – suppression order – appeal denied.

Bărbulescu v Romania [2016] ECHR 61

European Court of Human Rights - balance between employee’s right to privacy and employer’s right to surveillance in a disciplinary context.

Bashir v Ladbrook Law Ltd [2016] NZERA Auckland 73

ERA – racial harassment – making a connection between employee’s ability with English language and employee’s ethnicity.

Brill v Labour Inspector (Macrury) [2016] NZCA 262

Court of Appeal – Leave to appeal granted

Crichton v TD Drilling 2014 Ltd and Anor [2016] NZERA Wellington 28

Employment Relations Authority – duty to provide a safe workplace – employee allegations against colleagues.