COVID-19 financial support

Current financial support schemes for businesses, employers and employees.

Employment law still applies to all employment relationships, regardless of the circumstances that we find ourselves in, including during a pandemic or a natural disaster:

  • Employers must have a written employment agreement (employment contract) for every employee, and employers and employees must do what that agreement calls for.
  • Employers must keep each written employment agreement up to date, including documenting in writing any changes to any terms and conditions of employment they have agreed to.
  • Employers and employees must meet all employment law and any other relevant contractual conditions to change any employment arrangements.
  • Employers must engage with union representatives, where a union represents the employees, before any changes are made to collective employment agreements.
  • Employers must comply with all minimum employment standards and the Employment Relations Act 2000.

COVID-19 Support Payment

The COVID-19 Support Payment is a payment to help support businesses struggling with revenue during the Omicron outbreak.

COVID-19 Support Payment – Inland Revenue (external link)

COVID-19 Leave Support Scheme

The COVID-19 Leave Support Scheme is available for businesses, including self-employed people, to help pay their employees who have been advised to self-isolate because of COVID-19 and can’t work at home during that period.

COVID-19 Leave Support Scheme – Work and Income (external link)

COVID-19 Short-Term Absence Payment

The COVID-19 Short-Term Absence Payment is available for businesses, including self-employed people, to help pay their employees who cannot work from home while they wait for a COVID-19 test result.

COVID-19 Short-Term Absence Payment – Work and Income (external link)  

COVID-19 financial support

There is other financial support available to both individuals and businesses.

Financial support – (external link)

COVID-19 financial support tool – (external link)

Complaints about employers

If employees have questions about how these payments apply to them, such as whether the employer has applied for any scheme or when and how much they will receive, employees should contact their employer in the first instance.

If talking to employers doesn’t resolve the problem, or employees think their employer has acted unlawfully, employees can make a complaint with us. 

Complaints about employers

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Page last revised: 02 March 2022

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