Hiring young people

Information to help employers to employ young staff and for young people to transition from education into employment.

Why employ young people

Employing young people is good for business and good for the community. The government offers help to employers to hire, train and progress young people in employment.

Find and hire young staff

To find young people who are the right fit for your business, use different recruitment processes than you would for more experienced workers.

Support and train young staff

When you hire a young person it could be their first working experience. Support them to settle in and consider training opportunities, so that they can be successful in their new role.

Help and resources for young people

Exploring different career options and the world of work, helps young people make informed choices and to successfully move from education to employment.

Barriers to youth employment

Youth do not have the ease of entry into the workforce or the work stability that their parents experienced. There is also greater demand by employers for soft skills as well as qualifications.

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