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COVID-19: Auckland and parts of the Waikato region are at Alert Level 3. Northland moves to Alert Level 2 at 11.59pm on Tuesday. The rest of New Zealand is at Alert Level 2. Mediations are being held by phone and video conference in the Auckland region.

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Ten important facts every business and their employees should know about the COVID-19 Delta variant and the workplace 18 October 2021

Here are 10 essential facts that employers and employees should know about their employment rights and responsibilities in the current COVID-19 Delta variant workplace environment.

ARLA decision tips power balance for exploited workers in liquor retail 28 September 2021

The decision to cancel liquor licences for five Canterbury liquor stores has been welcomed.

Courier drivers who think they may be misclassified as contractors encouraged to come forward 12 August 2021

The Labour Inspectorate is running a national campaign focusing on the employment status of courier drivers who may be missing out on employment rights because they are misclassified as contractors.

Marking World Day Against Trafficking in Persons 30 July 2021

People trafficking still happens in New Zealand. Since 2015, there have been four people trafficking prosecutions, two of which were successfully convicted.

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