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Restaurant owner penalised for unlawful wage deductions 29 November 2023

A Rangiora restaurant and its owner who unlawfully deducted money from an employee’s wages and breached other minimum employment standards, must pay the employee over $40,000 in arrears and penalties.

Hiring summer staff: Tips for employers 27 November 2023

Over summer you may be expanding your workforce, whether it be with pickers and packers to help you on your orchard, or workers for your café or restaurant.

85 Auckland businesses checked in exploitation crackdown 16 November 2023

The Labour Inspectorate last week conducted a large-scale operation to identify potential migrant exploitation and check on minimum employment standards compliance at 85 businesses in Auckland.

More support for exploited migrants 20 September 2023

The Government has announced a short-term basic financial and welfare support package, including job search assistance, to individuals on the Migrant Exploitation Protection Visa (MEPV).

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