Early resolution

Early resolution is a free, impartial phone-based service that helps employers and employees resolve a workplace issue quickly and informally.

What is early resolution?

If you want to resolve a workplace issue quickly and informally, before it becomes more serious or needs a formal process, we offer a free impartial phone-based service to assist both employees and employers.

Early resolution assistance may involve:

  • speaking confidentially with you and the other party to understand what has happened and what is important for each of you
  • ensuring everyone is fully informed with relevant information
  • arranging a discussion to explore the possibility of reaching a resolution
  • helping to negotiate an agreed outcome
  • referring you to a more suitable agency if required.

When early resolution can help

Early resolution can help with the following situations.

  • You feel you have a relationship problem at work that could be resolved quickly with a little help from an independent facilitator.
  • You feel you have been treated unfairly or are being bullied.
  • Your working arrangements, hours, pay or leave have changed without you being consulted.
  • You have health and safety concerns.
  • Your employment has ended or may be ending through restructuring, redundancy, or dismissal.
  • You have concerns about your employee’s performance.

Early resolution may not be suitable in some circumstances:

  • if the same issue has been, or is being, dealt with by a mediator or labour inspector, or if you have raised a personal grievance, then contact us.

Contact us

  • If you are reporting migrant exploitation, please use our migrant exploitation reporting form.

Migrant exploitation

  • If your case has been through the Employment Relations Authority or Employment Court, then contact them.

Employment Relations Authority(external link)

Employment Court of New Zealand(external link)

Your privacy with early resolution support

  • The information you provide will be used by Employment New Zealand to help you resolve your issue. This could mean referring it to the Labour Inspectorate for potential breaches of minimum employment standards. We will not share your information outside Employment New Zealand, unless permitted by law.
  • The information you provide will be treated as confidential, and in accordance with our statutory obligations including the Official Information Act and the Privacy Act. We will usually consult with you before releasing any of your information under these Acts. For further information, read our Privacy Policy.

Privacy policy

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