Labour Inspectorate complaints

You can complain to the Labour Inspectorate if you see or suspect a breach of employment standards.

The role of the Labour Inspectorate

The Labour Inspectorate seeks to ensure employment standards are complied with, so that:

  • all employees have their minimum employment rights respected, and
  • all employers operate in fair marketplaces, free from non-compliant businesses that may have an unfair advantage.

It does this by identifying and investigating breaches, taking enforcement action where necessary, and providing ‘early resolution’ assistance for some complaints. Inspectors also run proactive targeted operations in priority areas.

The Labour Inspectorate also works with industry and sector leadership and other key parties to strengthen the systems that underpin employment standards compliance.

Employment law

Labour Inspectors and Labour Standards Officers are tasked with making sure workplaces meet the employment standards and requirements set out in the following legislation.

Employment Relations Act 2000 - New Zealand Legislation(external link)

Equal Pay Act 1972 - New Zealand Legislation(external link)

Holidays Act 2003 - New Zealand Legislation(external link)

Minimum Wage Act 1983 - New Zealand Legislation(external link)

Parental Leave and Employment Protection Act 1987 - New Zealand Legislation(external link)

Volunteers Employment Protection Act 1973 - New Zealand Legislation(external link)

Wages Protection Act 1983 - New Zealand Legislation(external link)

Typically, this means monitoring and enforcing compliance with requirements relating to:

  • holiday pay
  • leave entitlement
  • wage deduction, and
  • record-keeping.

Labour Inspectors and Labour Standards Officers do not give advice about general disputes, employment relationship problems and contractual matters contained in (like rates of pay above the minimum wage).

How to resolve problems

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