• Employee or contractor?

    Contractors are not employees and as such are not covered by the same laws, rights and obligations as employees. Learn the difference between these 2 types of workers.

  • Permanent or fixed-term

    Find out about the employment rights of a permanent employee, a fixed-term employee, or a seasonal employee.

  • Apprentices and trainees

    Employees can learn on the job in many ways, from serving apprenticeships to coaching and observing others, also known as buddying. The best approach depends on the person, their job and their career path.

  • Triangular employment situations

    Find out about employment rights in a triangular employment situation.

  • Volunteers, internships and studentships

    Volunteers and unpaid interns are not employees and are not covered by employment law. Studentships are a type of scholarship and also not covered by employment law.

  • Screen industry workers

    The Screen Industry Workers Act 2022 applies to contractors who do certain types of work for engagers that primarily operate in the screen industry.