• Employee rights and responsibilities

    You are entitled to minimum employment rights and your employer cannot give you less than what is in the law even if you’ve agreed.

  • Minimum rights of employees - language translations

    Information on your employment rights and responsibilities is available in a range of languages.

  • Employer rights and responsibilities

    Once you’ve hired an employee, you and your employee can agree to better terms and conditions, but at least the minimum entitlements must be provided.

  • Good faith

    There are certain behaviours and principles that are essential to any employment relationship. Employees, employers, unions and parties to an employment relationship must deal with each other in ‘good faith’.

  • Fair process

    When taking any action against an employee, an employer must follow a fair process. Following a fair process is as important as having good reason for taking action against an employee. The employer and employee must both act in good faith throughout the process.

  • Good reason

    Before taking any action against an employee, employers must have a genuine and valid reason.

  • Record-keeping

    Employers must keep complete and accurate records of wages, time, leave and other details. Read about what you need to do to comply with the rules around records.