Current minimum wage rates

Minimum wage rates are set by the government and are reviewed each year.

The current minimum wage rates (before tax) are as at 1 April 2024. They apply to employees aged 16 years or over.

Type of minimum wage Per hour 8 hour day 40 hour week 80 hour fortnight
Adult $23.15 $185.20 $926 $1,852
Starting-out $18.52 $148.16 $740.80 $1,481.60
Training $18.52 $148.16 $740.80 $1,481.60

Employees must be paid at least the minimum hourly wage rate for every hour worked. Anyone who thinks they are being paid less than the minimum wage should report this to us by calling 0800 20 90 20, where their concerns will be handled in a safe environment.

Migrant workers have the same minimum employment rights as New Zealand workers. This includes being paid at least the minimum wage. You can report it to us if you or someone you know is being exploited in the workplace.

Migrant exploitation

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Different types of minimum wage rates

Exceptions and exemptions

There are some exceptions to the application of the Minimum Wage Act 1983. And a small number of people with a disability hold an exemption permit from the minimum wage.

Minimum wage exemption for people with a disability 

Paying employees under 16

There is no minimum wage for employees under 16 but all the other minimum standards and employment rights and obligations apply. When an employee turns 16, they must be paid the relevant minimum wage.

Exceptions to the Minimum Wage Act 1983

The Minimum Wage Act 1983 doesn’t apply to:


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Page last revised: 01 April 2023

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