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Don’t get snowed under – MBIE offers advice for a successful ski season 21 May 2024

With the ski season officially starting next month, MBIE has advised that it is important that both employers and employees in that sector are aware of their rights and responsibilities under the law.

Lengthy legal battle over ERA determination ends in failure for South Island business 24 April 2024

A business’s lengthy legal battle over their refusal to provide the Labour Inspectorate with employment records has ended after a bid to appeal an Employment Relations Authority determination failed.

Owner of liquidated Auckland restaurant ordered to pay former chef almost $100,000 15 April 2024

The former owner of an Auckland restaurant business has been sanctioned by the Employment Relations Authority for breaching minimum employment standards even though the business is no longer trading.

Dairy farm and its owner must pay $215,000 in penalties after exploiting Indonesian workers 08 April 2024

A Southland dairy and its owner have been ordered to pay $215,000 in penalties by the Employment Relations Authority (ERA) after having been found to have exploited 3 Indonesian migrant workers.

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