In a recent decision, the Employment Court has ordered the operator of a Greerton convenience store to pay arrears and penalties of more than $28,000 following a Labour Inspectorate investigation into poor record keeping, holiday and leave breaches, and failure to pay the minimum wage.

Irrespective of the size of a business, it is crucial that employers understand the importance of accurately recording wages, time, holidays and leave, says Callum McMillan, Labour Inspectorate Regional Manager.

“Failure to keep complete and accurate records may have consequences for the employer, resulting in infringement notices or penalties,” says Mr McMillan.

“Correct record keeping helps employers and employees work through misunderstandings about pay and entitlements – and all employees have the right to access these records.”

Despite the store’s failure to keep proper records, the inspectorate was able to identify nearly $20,000 in minimum wage and holiday pay arrears.

[LINK] Read the Employment Court decision [PDF, 240 KB]

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