This is the first FPA application approved for bargaining since the law came into force on 1 December 2022.

The application covers bus and coach drivers as well as cleaners working in the interurban, rural and urban bus transport industry. The initiating union is First Union Incorporated. 

Read more about the industry and occupations covered by the proposed agreement: 

Public Notice of Approval of Application [PDF, 248 kb](external link)

In MBIE’s Fair Pay Agreements Dashboard you will find all FPA applications received by MBIE. It has information about the proposed coverage, the name of the initiating union, the bargaining parties approved and their contact details.  

Fair Pay Agreements dashboard – Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment(external link)

About Fair Pay Agreements 

The Fair Pay Agreements system brings together unions and employer associations to bargain for employment terms for all covered employees in an industry or occupation. This means that these organisations will meet to discuss and agree on a set of employment terms for the work being done within an industry or occupation. 

[LINK] Fair Pay Agreements