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30 July 2021

Marking World Day against Trafficking in Persons

People trafficking still happens in New Zealand. Since 2015, there have been four people trafficking prosecutions, two of which were successfully convicted.

23 July 2021

Labour Inspectorate concludes inquiry into Gloriavale

The Labour Inspectorate has found that the members of the Gloriavale Christian community cannot currently be considered employees under New Zealand legislation.

21 July 2021

Sick leave increasing to 10 days – are you ready for the change?

The minimum sick leave entitlement is increasing from 5 to 10 days per year from 24 July 2021. Employees will get the extra five days at their next entitlement date.

19 July 2021

Workers’ rights key consideration for consumers

Knowing a business treats its workers fairly, “always or most of the time” is a key factor for consumers when deciding where to shop, with 50 per cent of consumers reporting it informs their decision.

13 July 2021

Restaurant director liable for penalties after exploiting worker

The Employment Relations Authority (ERA) has ordered Madhan Singh Bisht, director of Kiran Cuisine Limited, operating a restaurant in Auckland to pay full arrears of $75,026.18.

06 July 2021

Liquor store pays over $97,000 to workers after Labour Inspectorate investigation

The Employment Relations Authority have issued a determination ordering SS & PK Jador Limited, trading as Clevedon Road Liquor in Papakura, to pay $50,000 for breaching minimum employment standards.

02 July 2021

Government announces support to better protect migrants from exploitation

New measures have come into force on 1 July 2021. The changes are part of a wider Government initiative to combat all forms of exploitation, supported by $50 million in funding over 4 years.

02 July 2021

Extra employment protections for security officers come into force

Changes to the Employment Relations Act which provide security officers with additional protections have come into effect.

02 July 2021

Matariki public holiday – a time for remembering, celebrating and looking forward

The Government has announced the dates for the Matariki public holiday for the next 30 years.

17 June 2021

Hospitality director banned from being an employer after exploiting workers

The Employment Court has issued Declarations of Breach against three Christchurch hospitality companies, and a banning order against the companies’ director.