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14 January 2022

Ignorance not an insurance from personal liability, court rules in Southern Taxis case

Individuals cannot protect themselves from personal liability by claiming they were unaware that they had breached the law, the Court of Appeal has ruled in a case.

14 December 2021

Workers stood down still entitled to minimum wage

The Court of Appeal has overturned the Employment Court’s ruling that employees who did not work during the lockdown were not entitled to be paid minimum wage.

29 November 2021

Five employment tips for public holidays over Christmas and New Year

These are five things to note for employers and employees to prepare for the upcoming holiday season.

23 November 2021

Legal case of interest: Applying commission in calculating ordinary weekly pay

This case looks into whether productivity or incentive-based payments were a regular part of an employee’s pay for the purposes of calculating ordinary weekly pay under the Holidays Act 2003.

17 November 2021

ERA penalises Brews Liquor stores $34,000 for migrant worker exploitation

The liquor retail sector is once again in the spotlight for disregarding minimum employment standards.

03 November 2021

ERA orders Dunedin bakery to pay $299k after Labour Inspectorate investigation

The Employment Relations Authority (ERA) has ordered the Dunedin based Romeeco Bakery owner to pay $299,038 in arrears and penalties.

26 October 2021

Government announces COVID-19 workplace vaccination legislation

The Government has announced new legislation outlining workplace vaccination requirements, taking the next step in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

18 October 2021

Ten important facts every business and their employees should know about the COVID-19 Delta variant and the workplace

Here are 10 essential facts that employers and employees should know about their employment rights and responsibilities in the current COVID-19 Delta variant workplace environment.

28 September 2021

ARLA decision tips power balance for exploited workers in liquor retail

The decision to cancel liquor licences for five Canterbury liquor stores has been welcomed.

12 August 2021

Courier drivers who think they may be misclassified as contractors encouraged to come forward

The Labour Inspectorate is running a national campaign focusing on the employment status of courier drivers who may be missing out on employment rights because they are misclassified as contractors.