Employer and employee must do’s

There are a number of must do’s in the employment relationship. These include doing things in a way that shows good faith, doing things for good reason and using a fair process.

The must do’s describe very important ways of working with each other. If all parties understand and are guided by these, they should be able to build a constructive, healthy employment relationship. These must do’s also provide guidance for working with others in more challenging situations, such as managing performance issues, workplace change or a disciplinary process.

Employers and employees must deal with each other in ‘good faith’. In particular, employers must have a ‘good reason’ when taking disciplinary action or structural change, and they must follow a ‘fair process’ in doing so.

Good faith

Employees, employers and unions are obliged to deal with each other at all times in good faith. Every action taken by an employer and an employee must be done in good faith.

Good reason

For an employer to take any action against an employee they must have a genuine or valid reason.

Fair process

When undertaking any action against an employee, the employer must follow a fair process.

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