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Informal actions

Employers may take informal actions to resolve an issue early if the matter is not serious, is a one-off, or is unlikely to happen again.

Sometimes an employer may only want to raise a minor concern or issue with an employee. In these situations, it might not be necessary or useful to follow a formal disciplinary process or enter a Performance Improvement Plan. For example, an employer might be satisfied with an employee’s work, but wants the employee to manage their timekeeping better. In this situation, the employer should talk to the employee about what they have seen and what correction or shift they would like the employee to make. The employer may choose to caution the employee advising that if the change does not happen then they may move to a more formal disciplinary process. A caution can also be used during informal management of performance – if there is no improvement or visible effort made by the employee the employer may then implement a more formal Performance Improvement Plan with the employee. Informal intervention has more information about how to manage performance issues.

These sorts of issues do not need to be a big deal. Good communication between employers and employees helps to build good employment relationships and prevent more serious issues arising.

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