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How to prepare for a mediation meeting using Zoom videoconference software.

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How to access the mediation

When you are attending mediation online, you will receive a URL link to your Zoom mediation meeting in your confirmation letter from Employment Mediation Services. 

Use Zoom software or your web browser 

  • If you are using Zoom software, you can simply click on the link and find yourself in the virtual waiting room – the mediator will welcome you to the mediation.
  • If you choose to access Zoom using a web browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc), you will need to click on the link, enter the Zoom meeting password and this will take you to the virtual waiting room – the mediator will welcome you to the mediation.

Technical preparation before mediation 

  • Choose your device: We recommend that you access the mediation using a desktop computer, laptop or tablet device. Your device will need a video camera function. We do not recommend using the Zoom smartphone app. However, if it is your preferred device, this is also acceptable. One person per screen works best. This way you will be able to view all the participants on one screen. 
  • Charge up: Please remember to ensure that any device you are using is fully charged, or plugged in.
  • Check your Internet connection: The recommended minimum bandwidth for participating in a Zoom meeting is 1.5 Mbps. You can test your internet connection at Speedtest (external link) (external link)
  • Download the software:
    • We recommend you download the Zoom software as this provides the best experience for using Zoom. Download Zoom (external link)
    • The alternative option is to join the meeting using a web browser such as Internet Explorer. You will need the Zoom meeting password. If you are having trouble joining the Zoom meeting using Internet Explorer, try using Google Chrome. 
  • Test run: If you have not used Zoom before, we recommend that you give it a test run. The test run will help you check your video and audio settings, so you can be sure your camera, microphone, speakers, and headset (if you are using one) all work well. Test run Zoom (external link)

If you check all these things beforehand, you can be sure everything is working as you need it to on the day. 

Note that all technology can glitch and create challenges, so no need to panic and remember to breathe.

Organise a private and quiet space

Employment mediation is a confidential process and people involved in mediation are not permitted to record any part of the proceedings. Please make sure that you have organised a private and quiet space to attend your mediation where you will not be overheard or interrupted.

Be mindful that your background will be visible to other parties. 

During mediation

When you log on to mediation, you will be placed in a virtual waiting room. Only the mediator can see who is in the waiting room. There may be a delay of up to 10 minutes while the mediator meets and briefs the other parties –  please be patient. 

The mediator will welcome you to the mediation and run through the process and protocols of virtual mediations, which include:

  • Do not record the mediation – this function should be disabled. Mediation must not be recorded with any device.
  • Mute your microphone when you are not speaking to ensure all parties can hear clearly.
  • Position yourself in front of the camera so you can be clearly seen. 

If you have any questions during the mediation, ask the mediator.

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Page last revised: 12 July 2023

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