Possible causes of performance issues

Performance issues and poor performance can have many causes.

There are many reasons why an employee may perform below expectations. Some of the common reasons include:

  • an employee doesn't know what is expected because goals and/or standards or workplace policies and consequences are not clear (or have not been set)
  • there is a mismatch between an employee's capabilities and the job, or they don’t have the knowledge or skills to do the job (recruitment, training or workplace change problem)
  • the employee doesn’t have the tools, clear guidance, delegated authority or permission needed to go ahead (which is a management problem)
  • an employee doesn’t know whether they are doing a good job because there is no, or insufficient constructive, feedback on their performance
  • lack of personal motivation, low morale in the workplace and/or poor work environment, interpersonal differences
  • personal issues such as family or financial stress, physical and/or mental health problems, or problems with drugs or alcohol
  • cultural misunderstandings
  • workplace bullying, discrimination or harassment.

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