Status of occupational bargaining

You can follow the progress of occupational bargaining for any of the seven screen industry occupations, and view details of previous occupational bargaining processes.

Before and during bargaining, the Employment Relations Authority is responsible for administering the bargaining process. After bargaining is completed, occupational contracts for each occupational group will be available below.

Workplace relations in the screen industry - Employment Relations Authority website (external link)

Occupational group Occupational bargaining status
Composers No occupational contract in force
Directors No occupational contract in force
Game developers No occupational contract in force
Performers No occupational contract in force
Technicians (post production) No occupational contract in force
Technicians (production) No occupational contract in force
Writers No occupational contract in force

The eight key steps in the bargaining process are noted below, every occupational group’s status will be updated in the table above as they progress through these eight steps.

  1. No occupational contract in force.
  2. Public submissions are open.
  3. Submissions closed. Employment Relations Authority assessing application to initiate bargaining.
  4. Occupational bargaining underway.
  5. Employment Relations Authority conducting assessment of draft occupational contract.
  6. Ratification of occupational contract.
  7. Occupational contract published.
  8. Occupational contract in force.

Below you will find more details, along with links to publications and notices about the progress of individual occupational bargaining applications. These sections will be updated as information is passed onto MBIE from the Employment Relations Authority.

Status of occupational groups

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