Collective bargaining

Collective bargaining is the process used for negotiating collective employment agreements.

Initiation of collective bargaining

An employer or union can initiate bargaining by giving the other parties an initiation of bargaining notice. If a party receives a notice meeting the requirements, they have to enter into bargaining.

Preparing for bargaining

Preparing for collective bargaining may include choosing and training the bargaining team, drafting a potential collective agreement, and setting up the bargaining process agreement.

Preparing your team

Choosing and training the bargaining team in preparation for collective bargaining.

Negotiating the agreement

Negotiations are part of the collective bargaining process. They refer to any form of discussion, either formal or informal, that is used to reach an agreement.

After the negotiations

When the bargaining parties have reached agreement, their agreement must be ratified and signed before it is a collective employment agreement.

Good faith

Unions and employers who are collective bargaining must deal with each other in good faith.

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