Employee pay check

Employees must be paid correctly and can use our pay check steps to make sure.

You must be paid correctly for the time you work, take leave or holidays, and for your final pay. If you are unsure if you are being paid correctly or you think there might be a mistake, follow our steps to check your pay.

Step 1: Checking details and documents

There are a number of items which may be relevant to whether you are being paid correctly which you may want to refer to:

Step 2: Getting answers to your questions

For each type of payment look at the typical questions below and see if any of them match the areas you are concerned about.

For some of these questions you can find out the answer yourself (eg in your employment agreement, payslip, bank records etc). To find an answer for some of the questions, you may need to talk to your employer (eg manager, payroll person etc). You can ask a support person or representative to do this with you if you prefer. You can visit our website for more information on how to raise issues with your employer at Informal actions or contact us. You can also ask your union, lawyer or employment advocate to help you or do the analysis for you.

Questions about your pay

Pay during public holidays

Pay on annual holidays

Pay during sick leave

Pay during bereavement leave


Pay deductions

Step 3: What to do if there might be a problem

If you do think a mistake or miscalculation has been made you should approach your employer to discuss this. You should approach discussions with your employer with an open mind, they may have simply made a mistake rather than be trying to underpay you. You can take a support person or representative with you. For more information on raising issues with your employer see Talking to your employer.

Step 4: Taking it further - Options

See Escalating unresolved problems.

Seek help

If after discussing with your employer you are still confused or think a mistake or error has been made, you can:

  • Contact us for information (including Employment Mediation Services).
  • Talk to your union
  • Talk to your legal representative.

Go to mediation


Lodge a personal grievance with your employer

What is a personal grievance?

Lodge an application with the Employment Relations Authority

Employment Relations Authority

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Page last revised: 26 May 2020

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