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Resources developed to support payroll professionals

A number of payroll sector led workstreams (with members from industry, government and the payroll sector) were set up in 2016 to assist employer compliance with the Holidays Act 2003. As a result of this work, some general resources designed to support the payroll sector were developed. These resources are currently hosted on this website.

Note that this is guidance only, is not legally binding, and should not be substituted for legal advice. MBIE does not accept any responsibility or liability for errors of fact, omission, interpretation or opinion that may be present, nor for the consequences of any decision based on this information, and professional advice should be sought.

Assurance Framework

This document provides guidance on how to apply a Holidays Act 2003 Assurance framework to your organisation. Although the references in the framework are specific to the Holidays Act, the overarching principles can be applied to any payroll legislative requirements.

Holidays Act 2003 Assurance Framework [PDF 372KB]

Knowledge base

The knowledge base is designed for payroll professionals to use as a resource to help them learn, understand and comply with their obligations. The tool can be used as a ready reference or as a training development product, depending on the organisation’s needs. It can be downloaded, amended, added to, and customised to suit the organisation using it. Organisations must update it as necessary to reflect legislative and other changes to obligations and procedures.

Knowledgebase [XLSX 102KB]

Recruitment and development resources

These resources may be used to assist in the recruitment and development of payroll professionals. They are intended to be used as a starting point and customised for the organisation using them. This will include amending or removing unnecessary or non-applicable content, keeping up to date with organisational and legislative changes, adding additional requirements and reformatting consistent with the style of the organisation.

Payroll practitioner skills matrix

This shows the type of competencies you might expect from various payroll positions. It should be customised for the organisations’ payroll requirements. Where an organisation has fewer or more types of payroll positions, the skills matrix should be amended to reflect the requirements of the positions they have.

See Example Payroll Positions Skills Matrix in Tools and resources.

Template position descriptions for three typical payroll positions

These position descriptions are intended as sample templates of typical payroll positions for three of the positions listed in the payroll professionals’ skills matrix above. Where an organisation has fewer or more types of payroll positions, additional or consolidated position descriptions will need to be drafted. You can use our skills matrix above as to help you to draft new position descriptions eg payroll advisor.

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Page last revised: 30 January 2018

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