Communications support

Information to help organisations become more accessible and communicate effectively with disabled people.

Communication services

The ability to communicate is an essential part of most jobs. Some disabled people, eg people who are deaf or hard of hearing, or who have learning disabilities, may need help to communicate effectively with colleagues, customers and customer services staff.

Sign language interpreters

They can support deaf people’s communication at events, at meetings and during training. They can be booked through the Deaf Foundation. There is an hourly charge (which may be funded through Job Support Funds or other funding). Contact Deaf Aotearoa New Zealand by Phone: (09) 828 3282, Fax: (09) 828 3235, Email:

NZ Relay Service

This enables deaf, hearing impaired, speech impaired and deafblind users to use telephones. A call to NZ Relay is relayed via a Relay Assistant, who either types or speaks part of the conversation. NZ Relay also provides equipment to buy or rent, including textphones and visual or vibrating alerts for incoming phone calls. NZ Relay Email: Teletype: 0800 4 713 713 Phone: 0800 4 715 715

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