Responding to a request checklist

Things to check when responding to a request for flexible working arrangements.

When responding to a request for flexible working arrangements

  • Make sure the request is in writing.
  • Check that all the required information is provided.
  • Deal with the request as soon as possible and within one month of receiving it.
  • Ensure you’re up to date with possible options for flexible working.
  • Consider the effects of the requested working arrangement on your business.
  • Discuss the request with the employee, and perhaps with any managers who may be affected  - always be careful to respect your employee’s privacy.

Other things to think about

  • Do you already have a policy on the flexible work options being discussed?
  • Is re-organising work necessary, and if so how can it be managed?
  • Do you know anyone who can give you advice?
  • What is the likely impact on other staff?
  • How will you manage the impact?
  • If the employee works as part of a team, do they understand their commitment to the team under the new arrangement?
  • What arrangements will be needed for staff supervision and performance management?
  • Will the likely benefits outweigh any potential adverse effects for clients or customers?
  • Are there peaks and troughs of demand in the business that this new arrangement could meet?
  • Are there impacts on holiday periods and holiday pay?
  • Are there health and safety implications (for example if the employee is working from home or if they are working alone late/early or out of core business hours).

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