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Using pre-approved courses

A union may apply to use a course which has already been approved for ERE use by another union.

The Education Relations Education (ERE) Advisory Committee encourages using pre-approved ERE courses as a way of promoting the wider development of ERE programmes. This is subject to the following:

  • The identification of the organisation offering an approved course is an essential part of the course's approved status. If another organisation wants to use an already approved course for its own ERE programme it must receive approval first.
  • An application by an organisation for approval to use an already used course for its own ERE purposes must take account of the following requirements:
    • The application must provide evidence that the initial applicant organisation has given its approval to the new applicant organisation to use the already approved course for the purposes intended. Among other things, this will ensure that any matters relating to intellectual property or copyright have been taken into account by the organisations involved.
    • The application must be clear about the nature of changes, if any, that will be associated with the presentation of the course by the new organisation, compared with the already approved presentation. These include, but are not restricted to, significant changes in: programme content; programme presentation including any changes in teaching/tutorial staff; the nature of the target group for the programme; and geographical location.
    • Depending on the nature of the changes proposed, the ERE coordinator will decide (if needed, in consultation with the Chair of the ERE Advisory Committee), the extent to which it will be necessary to still follow the full approval processes. The normal expectation is that an application for use of a pre-approved course can be based on the original approval given to that course.

Use the application form for approval to use a pre-approved ERE course [DOC 37KB].

For more information, email the Executive Officer ERE.

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