Employment Relations Education leave

A union may allocate paid employment relations education (ERE) leave so members can attend approved courses in employment relations.

Only approved courses can be used for ERE leave purposes. Applications for course approval can be made throughout the year, by any individual, group or organisation that wishes to provide ERE.

Approved courses

Calculating, allocating and taking employment relations education leave

The union calculates the amount of leave entitlement per employer and lets the employer know. The union allocates the leave to union members who apply to take ERE leave.

Employment Relations Education approved courses

Employment Relations Education (ERE) leave can only be used for courses which have been approved by the Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety.

Using pre-approved courses

A union may apply to use a course which has already been approved for ERE use by another union.

Applying to have a course re-approved

ERE courses are approved for three years initially. Any application for re-approval is assessed on whether the course continues to meet approval criteria.

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