Workplace change

Employers who want to make a change in their workplace need to follow specific steps.

Employers who want to make changes that may affect people’s roles, must follow a careful process and act in good faith. Employees must also act in good faith.

Good faith has more information.

Overview of workplace change

There can be many reasons for proposing a workplace change that may affect people’s jobs.

Workplace change process outline

Steps to follow when making a change in the workplace.

Assessing the impact of structure change on jobs

To understand the impact of a workplace change you need to work out the impact of the new structure on the current jobs.

Selection process

Employers must use a fair and clear process to place employees in jobs in the new structure.

Restructuring when a business is sold or transferred

If a business or part of it is to be sold or transferred to another party the employer has to follow a set of rules that apply to the transfer of work.

Insolvency and employment

When a business is insolvent, there is often uncertainty as to what happens next for the employer and their employees.

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