Pay and employment equity review process

Use this review process to assess whether your organisation’s pay and rewards, and participation in job types and levels are affected by gender.

The review process gathers information to identify what is working well and also identifies opportunities to progress pay and employment equity for women. This process is clear and involves employees, employers and unions. It will also help identify any differences in men’s and women’s experiences of respect and fairness.

This content provides general advice on understanding and addressing gender-based pay issues in a workplace. It may help both equal pay and pay equity issues. However, the content may be further reviewed and more information will be added.


Outline of the review process for the business

Stage one: Preparation

Find a project manager to help with the process, and form a representative committee with employees and managers. Send communications to employees and unions (if there is a unionised workforce in place) to tell them about the review.

  • Encourage employees and managers to participate.
  • Survey staff.
  • Analyse payroll and HR data.
  • Analyse the staff survey results to discuss with committee.
  • Train the committee; this can be done by using the employment equity resources and presentation, which will be available in this site in the next few weeks).

Stage two: The review report

Produce a four chapter review report.

  1. Chapter one: creates a gender profile of the organisation and identifies important gender issues
  2. Chapter two: explains important gender differences
  3. Chapter three: plans for moving towards gender equity by addressing the issues identified including a plan for implementation, monitoring and evaluation
  4. Chapter four: describes and evaluates the review process.

Stage three: Implementation

Once the organisation has developed its review report and plan to progress with implementation of pay equity, regular progress reporting to employees and the chief executive will help to maintain focus and momentum.

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Page last revised: 28 October 2020

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