Parental leave payments are administered by Inland Revenue. A person may be able to get parental leave payments even if they don’t qualify for parental leave from their employment.

Parental leave payments are generally attached to the birth mother or the chosen primary carer (if they are becoming the permanent primary carer of a child under six).

Parental leave payment provisions in employment agreements

Some employment agreements and workplace policies include employer-funded parental leave payment provisions. If you don’t know if your workplace has parental leave related payments, you should ask your employer

  • In some instances you might be eligible for payments through your employment agreement or workplace policies in addition to the government payment.
  • In some instances you might be able to get some form of payment through your workplace even if you can’t get the government-funded payment.
  • Provisions in your employment agreement or workplace policies won’t be affected by the government-funded payments (unless your agreement or policy specifically says so).
  • Your employment agreement can’t change whether or not you can get the government parental leave payment.
  • Even if parental leave provisions under your employment agreement, are more generous (eg ‘parental leave’ after working for three months) this will not give you the right to get a government-funded payment. To get a government-funded parental leave payment you will still need to meet all of the government funded parental leave payment criteria.

Types of parental leave has more information.

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