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Resources and government support for disabled employees and jobseekers

There are resources and services designed specifically to assist disabled employees and jobseekers.

Supported employment agencies are located across New Zealand and help disabled people to get and keep a job.

  • Workbridge
    As well as administering government funding schemes to support disabled people into open employment, training or self-employment, Workbridge (external link) also places disabled people directly into work.

  • New Zealand Disability Support Network
    On the ASENZ website (external link) you can find more information such as the agencies closest to you, and links to specialist supported employment agencies listed by region, by vacancy or by disability.

  • Workwise Employment Agency
    Workwise Employment Agency (external link) supports people with mental health conditions to return to work and to stay in work.

The New Zealand Government funds a range of employment and employment related services and support for people with disability, including training and apprenticeships. Help is available for preparing to look for work, looking for a job and, if needed, ongoing support once in a job.

The following list includes all Government funded or supported services and support, including those provided by contracted private or NGO groups.

A-Z List of government services and support

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