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Employers don’t have to provide you with a payslip but if they do there are many items it could include.

Employers don’t have to provide you with a payslip (unless it’s in the employment agreement), but these are useful tools (whether on paper or electronic) to make sure that you and your employer have the same understanding of how the pay is made up. If you don’t get a payslip or it doesn’t have enough information, you can ask your employer to write down the things you want to know.

You can ask your employer to show or give a copy of your wages and time records, and holiday and leave records (which your employer must keep). These records will show you your pay rate, hours worked and how much you were paid, as well as your holiday and leave information. If there is anything you don’t understand, you can ask your employer to explain it to you. You should be aware that leave and holiday balances are sometimes shown in weeks, days or hours.

The list below has some of the things your payslip might contain.

About me

Graphic of person with checklist

About my money

Graphic of dollar note in red

About my hours

Graphic of clock with dollar sign for hands

About me

About my money

About my hours

All the information about your hours must be recorded by your employer. You can ask your employer for these details.

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